Connecticut Women's Forum

Connecticut Women in Healthcare Management, Inc. (CWHCM) started when several women hospital administrators met at the Woodbury, CT public library back in 1981. These women knew that by coming together to gain information and to discuss their varied issues and experiences, that they could assist one another in professional and personal advancement. They wanted to bring the value of mutual support and shared experiences to more women in the field.

Once limited to hospital administrators, CWHCM grew to enjoy a diverse membership base, reflecting many different types of healthcare entities and numerous functional roles within those organizations. CWHCM has constantly positioned itself to support members and to enhance its contributions to the field as we confront the health care system's latest challenges.

Since that evening so many years ago, CWHCM has reinvented itself many times. In 1991, its network was extended on a national basis by formalizing its affiliation as a recognized women's network of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). And in October 2010 has once again evolved and further strengthened the relationship by fully merging with the Connecticut Chapter of ACHE. We are delighted to continue to serve the membership of CWHCM through a Women's Forum Council within the CT Chapter of ACHE.

The ACHE Women's Forum Council will allow the spirit (and name!) of CWHCM to continue the original mission of our founding members and support the mission, vision and values of ACHE. Current committee members include Lindsey Greene-Upshaw, Gale Lemieux, Denise Marchese, Debra Price, Kristine Samsel, Jennifer Sengsingkeo, and Betsey Shelley. For more information on how to become involved, please contact co-chair Susan Prior at

Please note that CWHCM and CTACHE co-sponsored a successful and exciting "Networking & Knowledge" event on August 29, 2012, with other events in development.

Our Mission

The Mission of CWHCM as the new women's forum council of the Connecticut Chapter of ACHE is to offer professional development and personal growth, networking and educational opportunities to women working within all aspects of the healthcare industry.

The Mission will be accomplished by:

  • Promoting the career growth of women in healthcare professions.
  • Bringing together health professionals to exchange ideas and topics unique to women with respect to their positions in healthcare.
  • Fostering opportunities to interact with professional women's networks that are established in other fields and encouraging interrelationships among women.
  • To provide information and education on healthcare related issues through educational programs and social networking.
  • To serve as a vehicle for strengthening a national network of women in health administration through the American College of Healthcare Executives.
  • To develop a supportive and informational network for women students in the field of healthcare administration and related graduate educational disciplines and issue scholarships to support their efforts.

Scholarship Programs

Awarding scholarships to women studying healthcare management in Connecticut has been a long tradition of CWHCM. The ACHE Women's Forum Council will continue this honorable mission by annually awarding a one-time grant to deserving women undergraduate or graduate students who demonstrate a commitment to a career in healthcare management.

On November 29, 2011, the Connecticut Women in Health Care Management-- a women's forum within the CT Chapter of the American College of Health Care Executives-- announced Luisa Tsang of the Yale School of Public Health Program as the recipient of the 2011 annual scholarship award in the amount of $1500. Ms. Tsang is in her final year of Master's preparation at Yale and has accepted a summer internship in a Long Island Hospital. After graduation in May 2012, Luisa will begin a healthcare administrative fellowship at North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System in NYC/Long Island, a 15-hospital health system, where she will rotate through a tertiary facility, corporate facility, and community hospital.

Please see information below regarding the 2012 scholarship application. Application deadline is November 9, 2012:

Please click on link for 2012 CWHCM scholarship application criteria.

Please click on link for 2012 CWHCM scholarship application.